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CONTEST!!! Want to win a copy of Simon Pegg's book "Nerd do well"? (ended, winner announced!)


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We have a winner!

Look here.





Hi everyone!


Tracey (MartinFan) kindly offered a copy of Simon Pegg's book "Nerd do well" to one lucky coldplaying member! :nice:

She will mail the book to the winner of the following challenge:


Guess the amount of characters the next Roadie #42 blog will have.


That means from title (Roadie #42 - Blog #128) to end signature.

Characters without spaces - not words, pics don't count.

If you want to benefit from Tracey's generous offer, simply send me (SueDeNimes) a PM with your guess.

Please choose "Nerd" as subject of the message!!!


You can send in your guess up until the moment the blog is posted on coldplay.com.

Whenever that may be! :P

The winner will be announced soon afterwards then. :)

No need to mention that we'd need your address in case you win, right?

Yeah, I just wanted to point that out again since some of you didn't want to participate in Secret Santa because of privacy issues.


Happy guessing, people!!

Thank you very much again, Tracey! :hug:

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Thanks Anna!!!! I recieved 1 replacement book well after Christmas when it was supposed to be under my tree:lol: "It was lost" Then the Royal Mail found my original book:rolleyes: and sent it to me a few day's ago:lol: I ended up with 2!! So good luck everyone:kiss:

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Ok, more PMs coming in and although it's nice that you're all giving me your addresses already - you don't have to do that now!!


I will only need the address of the winner and I will contact the person once I know who it is! :nice:


Or are you all so sure already that you'll be the winner? :P

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