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Parachutes - Coldplay's Least Impressive Album?

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I adore all the albums for the reason that they're are not all the same, the basslines are improving, the vocals are changing so that we the fans won't get bored. Parachutes was brilliant because it was simple, beautiful and innocent...AROBTTH/X&Y is stunning because Coldplay matured in lyrics, life and music. VLV is bold because Coldplay became versatile in vocal ranges,beats and genres...All in all, I feel that Coldplay is underestimated and have potential to be better then they are now



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Parachutes is a very impressive debut album with a lot of simple (in a good way) and beautiful songs.


All 4 Coldplay albums are good, but my favourite album by them is ARoBttH followed by Viva la Vida ... and then X&Y.


When I heard Parachutes for the first time, I liked it. I played it a few times and then did not hear it until its 10th anniversary in July 2010 during our Coldplayer meet-up in London. When hearing the album again, it grew on me.

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