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Globalisation - good or bad?

Guest howyousawtheworld

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To LoryABjerre:

El Presidente ? Oh maybe once when I was 12 or so, but all those crazy dreams kinda came and went. Trouble is what it takes to become President - to take the money and run (however it's offered these days) is to owe those who want favors; usually not good for the country or the world the way our system currently works. So I'm more interested in reform efforts. Thanks for the thought though! How about you? Head of the Swiss reserve maybe, redistribute the wealth? ;)

To Reilly:

How True!:laugh3:

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For the growing middle class in China it's good. To the declining middle class in America it's bad.

Btw China basically just announced it's war on the dollar to make the Yuan a more actively traded/used global currency.


Wasn't there talk a year or two ago of oil being traded in Euros?, that seems to have dissapeared now, off topic I know, sorry.

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