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Are you guys ready?

Guest Osaka Sun

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Guest Osaka Sun

Based on the rate these cryptic messages/lyrics are being posted by the band, I'm guessing we'll get something big (possibly the single) next week.


How excited are you all?

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KILLJOY TIME! :dance::awesome::dance:


I'm not ready. I enjoy watching Coldplayers scream and squirm with every tidbit of mindless speculation and cryptic blogs when nothing ever happens. It's funny as hell.


Okay, that wasn't 100% serious, but the next part is.


I'll no doubt be stoked once something actually arrives. But I have no expectation of a definitive release date, nor am I getting myself caught up in the hype. I haven't even watched any of these new "lyrics" videos because I watched the first one once and basically said, "Screw this, I'll let the rest of Coldplaying try to solve this puzzle for me. :lol:" And you know what? It's worked out pretty well. Apparently I can waddle through thousands of posts of speculation if I'm ever curious.


If a single is released soon, then awesome! But if it's not, I won't care.

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