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the thread for all those who want to kill their parents sometimes

The Doctor

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While I've never felt like I wanted to kill my parents, I have had times when I'd get so mad that I've wished them dead. Not that this is much better. :|


I understand the purpose of the thread, though. My dad and I fight frequently, and he gets under my skin a lot.

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I would just like it if:


A. My dad didnt have a short fuse

B. My parents would be considerate

C. If they didnt use physical punishment in Vietnam -_-


Seriously I just bought a keyboard from ebay and it missed being delivered to my parent's shop and my dad wouldn't take the time to go to UPS and pick it up.

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parents are going to be annoying at one point or another being that you can't agree in their believes and naturally want to rebel.


to be honest I think that a lot of what parents do (I'm not going to say all because I'm sure there are fucked up parents), is really just for their own good or to better their children.


Also not to sound patronizing, but I think in these early teenage years it's really easy to want to hate or dislike your parents. But eventually I think you'll come to realize that your parents are only human and you'll accept their faults.

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thanks for supporting her :blank:

I know she's awesome sometimes (Brooke would say that too now she knows mum took all my Buckin' pics)

but it's just that sometime I get annoyed of everything: stupid brother+annoying parents and more stuff, that makes me go all mad and stuff

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Yeah thats true, I had plenty of those moments. My mum always used to side with my youngest sister, just wasn't fair at all! I got very mad at times too, say bad words :(

It got a lot better when I moved out the house.

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