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Hurts Like Heaven (Jonny's Tab)


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Well I can tab you this one too, but still I placed those solos in my tutorial.

The part right after first chorus, the second one and at the end.


Here you go:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJDSx2Ok_iA]YouTube - ‪Coldplay - Hurts Like Heaven and MX (Live) Tutorial‬‏[/ame]


In the newer versions of HLH (or he did it at Rock am Ring too and I just didn't notice) the first part that he plays right after the first chorus is:

Eb Eb Eb D C Bb Bb G Bb F. So there's F note at the end and I didn't put it in my video. The other variation that he plays is that he switches the second Eb with D so it goes like:

Eb D Eb D C Bb Bb G Bb F ( You can see that in the video when I do this forth time)

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