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are you supposed to pick at warts?


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Haha. I'm no expert, but I think warts could be caused by viruses or something, so if you touch it you could maybe kind of transfer it to another area if you scratch your skin with your warty hand. But, I don't know, that's never happened to me... Maybe someone who's had this experience could comment.


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here I am


I had a wart on my hand when I was 16... It started out small, then it got bigger, then I started picking at it (to see if i could tear it off, and it just got bigger and bigger... The dermatologist put that freezing stuff on it, and it didnt work... I would recommend that they use the acidic stuff, they put this acid on it and put a bandage over it and it eats away the wart, until it falls off a couple days later... bascially, if you pick at it, it'll spread. Especially if it bleeds. A wart is a virus (i think), and the blood will spread the wart, thus making it bigger...

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