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Irene's gonna get us, She's gonna get us where we don't look back...


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Christie Urges Shore Visitors To Leave Before Storm


EWING, N.J. (AP) -- New Jersey's governor is asking all visitors to its seashore to get out by midday Friday because Hurricane Irene is poised to be a "serious, significant event."


Gov. Chris Christie also is telling people planning to visit the shore this weekend to stay home.


Christie also is declaring a state of emergency. He did not make evacuations mandatory but says he would consider them if people didn't heed the state's warnings.


Irene is not expected to make landfall in New Jersey. But

forecasters say it is likely to come close enough to the already rain-soaked state to cause flooding all across New Jersey. Winds also could take down power lines.


Way to end the summer eh? :confused:

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You can say that :awesome: you can also call it showing off, but no one around here appreciates aviation around here :P


Aaaaw, I think it's a really nifty topic to develop OCD for though, aviation.

So, just because I suffer from insomnia, I'll tell you, that a cousin of mine is married to an F16-bomber-pilot from the Italian airforce. And he told me that he actually sometimes gets petechiae (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petechia) from flying so fast. He's a tad crazy, btw. haha. End of outburst of randomness.


Again, good luck to you eastcoasters, when Irene hits your places.

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It won't be that bad - get a wind surf board and hit the beach!! Plus, the beach will be clear of all those late summer vacationers!:laugh3: Think of all the fun and excitement!

The meadowlands will be wetlands though. ;) Better move the beaver lodges to higher ground! :P

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haha, thank god


we don't want you to get hurt :blush:


Aw, you're so sweet Anette. :hug:



My grandparents are in NC right where the hurricane hit land- they said they have little to no damage to the house but they have no electricity. They also said that the last part of the storm was worse than the first half


and it just started pouring here, I'm thinking it's some spot showers from the hurricane?


my dog is starting to freak out too, poor thing




and i would not suggest that ^

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