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Quotes to fall in love...


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Look what someone sent me a few days ago. Maybe it could help you some night... :P




Quotes to fall in love...


1. Do you believe in love at first sight or I have to walk in front of you again?

2. Maybe I’m not the cutest guy in the club, but I’m the only one who talks to you

3. What a beautiful legs? At what time they will open? (:stunned: gross!!)

4. I’m fighting against the need of make of you the happiest woman in the world today :wink3:

5. Kill me if I’m useless for you, but first, taste me

6. I’m looking for goddesses for my new religion, and I’ve just chosen you

7. Tomorrow I’ll become a priest. Could you help me to enjoy the last night?

8. Wow, what a beautiful dog? Does it have a phone number?

9. How do you want me to wake you up tomorrow, giving you a nudge or on phone?

10. Hum, nice trousers... they’d suit good in my bedroom’s floor

11. Hi, I’m new here, could you tell me where’s your apartment?

12. Would you mind if we share the taxi to my home?

13. I have a beautiful alarm clock, do you wanna see my bedside table?

14. Hi, I’m preparing a study about how many women have piercings in the breasts, could I see yours? :o

15. I could delete you of my dirty sexual fantasies, or make it true...

16. I’m thirsty, baby, and you smell of Gatorade

17. I’ve lost my phone number, could you give me yours?

18. Miss, if you’ve lost your virginity yet, could you bring me the box where it was in? (oh my!)

19. –Sorry, aren’t you tired? -No, why? -Because you were spinning around my head all the day

20. Sorry, do you know what time is it? Mine stopped when I saw you...

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Hahaha, those quotes are funni, fanx 4 sharin :lol: ...although the one about the legs is very disturbing :lol: :stunned: Those quotes are actually quite rude and cheesy lol. If a guy sed that one to me, i'd kick him in the goolies! :sneaky: Then we'd see hu opens at wat time!

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