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noni you are a.................... PEEETAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARDAAAAA!!! :lol: hahahaha

cuenta yaaaaaaaaaaaaa lo q paso en el concierto!! joia!! :P q tal fue?? sus movimientos... to to to to!!! :rolleyes:

(oye, verdad q no ha salido ninguna imagen x la tele del concierto..? :huh: :cry: )

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thurday nite... with my mum.. and amazing travis..

near the end.. fran decided to sing without micro..so he asked everybody to be very silent... then he bagan flowers in the window but one harly could hear him.. then he stopped an asked again ppl to be very quiet an said it would be quite embarassing for him or sth like taht.. and then he started again with so much energy and one really could hear it very well and it was so great and somewhen the audience started to sing along very cautiously... that was so incredible..huuh

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i was in modena-italy-exactly last week with my sister and 2 roman girls...

it was amazing and fran was simply GREAT.after the show he stayed more than a hour outside signing autographs and talking with the fans....he talked with me taking my hands and he's been so sweet...

also douglas and andy were there and we took some photos with them...

they're very very friendly and they made a great concert..they also thanked us in their web site the next day....

also in modena fran sang flowers in the window a cappella and it was wonderful...every single song was beautiful....it really deserved to be lived!!!

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