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Am i the only one who likes this song?


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WTF with people? What do you want? The Scientist 2.0? Clocks 2.0? Yellow 2.0? They are creating new music. Stop criticism! If you don't like, say it, that's all.


I kind of agree with you. They can't just keep making the same music over and over. One of the most popular complaints against Coldplay is that all their songs sounded the same. Now, nobody can claim that, regardless of how ignorant they are.


But you should never stop criticizing. I definitely see why people don't like it (aside from "bawwwww this isnt rush of blood bawwwwww") and it's kind of refreshing to see some criticism, even if it's just as annoying as the fangirls.

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i like it a lot.

it's new for coldplay.

i know people keep saying it's really poppy...

but it's dark as shit and has the oddest song structure that i've heard from coldplay (or any song on the radio).

so it's kind of a cool blend of being really poppy and breaking the rules.


it's a completely different mood and sound than ETIAW so i'm excited to hear what else MX sounds like.

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This is NOT pop. You have to analyze the structure of the song and the influences that contains. It's the same alternative mode that they use, plus some of the sound influences of VLV, and the hip-hop mode from this new style about graffiti, street, etc.


I like so much this song, the final is amazing. Maybe the Jonny performance would be before in the song, but it's fine.

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I'm sure if I love it as a Coldplay song, but I certainly love it placed along with all the other bands I like. Love the rumbling guitar solos, definitely. Seems like they're giving both Jonny and Guy more of the limelight with this album. Summary: If any haters don't enjoy this as a Coldplay song, enjoy it as just a song in general!

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