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Hi everybody!


I'm a coldplay fan since a long time but never thought of joining a fan site until now.

Sorry for my english: I'm french but I will try to do my best to speak and write correctly.

So I'm a Coldplay fan since I heard Yellow (yes, it's a long time ago now!) and my favorite song is the scientist.

I never see any of their gigs (I have a king of curse or malediction with them!) but I determine to break it for their next tour!

But last week, I saw them on a french TV show and I could hear Paradise for the 1st time!

I'm also fascinated by the energy of Chris Martin on stage!


My hobbies are festivals and gigs.

My favorite band is not Coldplay (it's the 2nd): the 1st is Muse (I saw them at Reading last month, it was awesome!!)

But I also love Artic Monkeys (I will see them at O2 arena in october), 30 seconds to mars, King of Leon...


Well, I finish to introduce me... :)

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