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Do you think they'll go back to the soundtrack/movie idea?


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I thought the idea of the band making a soundtrack to a movie they were writing was pretty interesting.I always had this thought of coldplay or chris making a movie score for a movie.The soundtrack idea sounded very intriguing.


Do you think they will come back to this idea down the road?It seems from what Guy was saying that they were quite a ways into the idea with creating characters and such.Me personally, I can see them down the road going back to it an revamping the idea.Maybe that's why songs like Wedding Bells and the ones we saw on the South Bank show didnt end up on the album.Chris said that Wedding Bells was the beginning of a story type of thing.I think it was for the movie soundtrack idea.Maybe one day they will make the movie.

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new project = new music .... so of course i hope they'll go back to that idea, but i feel they wont..cause they added many songs for this kind of work in MX... i'll be very glad to hear someday the final version of Wedding Bells..amazing lovely song

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