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Why oh why....


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that's like asking 'why did the chicken cross the road?' :lol: :D


that question's got many answers, by the way, and i can list you several of them if you wanted me to! ;-) ummmm but that'll have to be in my jokes thread that i started and nobody helped me keep it up except for busybeeburns and chuckie, i think!


shame on others!! :P ( :lol: )

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the lord took her away from me...she's gone to heaven.... :singer:


I always wondered that too...is it their teeth, their clothes...will we all end up like that? Probably. :lol:


I got stuck in a shelter in Florida when a hurricane was a coming and there were a lot of older people...and all I can say is that I do remember the odor...not really pleasant :cry: Why???

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