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We need an instrument porn thread, so post yours!


Here is my guitar, Captain Haddock.




Behind it is my other guitar, Blacktooth (one black pin), and to the left, my third guitar, Deepthroat, as its for low tunings, not because it reminds me of something else vaguly dirty... :rolleyes:

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Good thread! It's nice to see the instruments of other posters! :)


Here it is my brand new guitar, I bought it at Miami last february. It's an Epiphone Les Paul 100:




And here it is my brother's electro-acoustic guitar, the brand is Gracia, a well known brand from this area of South America, and behind my Oasis poster (sorry for that :P) is my Casio CTK-591 :)



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This is( well, was , I now sprayed over it and it has that cool graffiti effect, I'll post it later) my viva coloured electric guitar(just a cheap one for some practicing) behind it my Casio CTK-5000 keyboard. I also have an Alesis dm6 electric drum kit(I'll post some pictures later too) and I have 1 acoustic and 1 semi-acoustic guitar(I'll post those pictures later too!:D)



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Looks sweet! I would love to paint Captain Haddock, not sure I can bring myself to do it though as I spent so much money on her :( Stupid Coldplay and their many martins. Speaking of which I played the guitar Chris has been using during the current tour today, bloody incredible.

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Here is one of my other guitars, Deepthroat. I'm gonna paint this one very bright colours.




That looks really awesome:D

This is my Coldplay related guitar(It used to have that VIVA logo on it) btw:




But it's not done yet..... I think...

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