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DLIBRH Q Magazine Review

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"A sister-track to Every Teardrop... in the way its driven by stop-start rhythm of the drums and the way Martin forms an indelible hook out of the wall of sound sonic avalanches around him, Don't Let It Break Your Heart is one of Mylo Xyloto's most straightforward songs, a precursor, ala A Rush Of Blood's A Whisper, before a final bombastic blow-out?" - Q Magazine


What are you thoughts on this? It seems to be closely related to ETIAW with a heavy description.

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From what I can tell it will be very synth-y and layered, quite loud not particularly any vocal structure like ETIAW apart from the oooo's at the end according to the review.


I am really looking forward to it, should have a great bouncy and rocking theme to it and as r42 said 'life affirming'

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