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Original song. Nod to 'Up In Flames'


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The song is called 'Pages of History'


It's not intended to copy Coldplay musically whatsoever but there's a lyric at the end of the first verse that is a nod to Up In Flames.


I've refused to listen to the live version of UIF

because i'm holding out for the studio version in all it's magical glory

so, it's only a lyrical bit.


i hope you guys listen and enjoy.


thank you, daniel



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This is great! Agrees with The Champion, could'nt be done better!


However there is one little piece of critic on the drums.

Do I hear it right? A 'hidden' bassdrum? Try to put it slightly to the front and the percussion to the back(switch their places).

I'm talking about the part before the 2 minutes.

What I mean to say, find out which instrument is 'blocking' the bassdrum and add a slight dip at the exact(!) Hz and at that same(!) exact Hz of the bassdrums boost it with between 1 and 3 dB.


I think this would it even make it better than it already is!

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thanks guys

i'm glad you enjoyed it.



pianorocker, at first i wasn't sure what you were talking about..then i realized...it's just not intended to be hidden i guess. maybe it comes out like that because it's such a low frequency.


but, any frequency really low ...i center it.


not sure what you mean by "to the front" or back


there's only one bass part.

there's another percussion track where i'm hitting a conga drum

maybe that's the culprit?

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