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Whatever happened to these?


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Whatever happened to these lyrics?


The two of us, we drove

A speeding ghost and a shadow

Luminous the road to the sea

We swam from the shallows

To bottle lightning’s glow

Where we’re gonna run

God only knows


Better than any lyrics on the album, and the they don't even put them ON the album. :confused:

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Yeah, it's gotta be Golden Arrow. I don't know if its written on the graffiti wall (or published in that database), but during the CBS Sunday Morning Segment, Golden Arrow was 'graffiti-ed' on the wall going up the stairs in their studio, so its a real song.

I guess we can "confirm" that Golden Arrow, Car Kids, and Tomorrow (Great Expectations too?) are songs. Are they b-sides though?


With Viva, we had plenty of songs that were released that weren't on the album (though most were on the EP): Glass of Water, Rainy Day, Prospekt's March, Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground, The Goldrush, Postcards From Far Away, A Spell A Rebel Yell, and Death Will Never Conquer. That's 8 songs (not counting the alternate versions/lyrical versions of Album songs).


We already have Moving To Mars. I'd say there's a good chance we get at least three other songs, giving us a good chance to hear those lyrics somewhere.

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