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Idea for guitar Riff taken from another song?


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I saw this from listening to Yes/CSC on Youtube. It was the top rated comment.


"Sometimes when people write songs, they become subconsciously influenced by another artist/band and their song possesses similar chords, sounds or even melodies. It's not like they said OH LET'S RIP THEM OFF. Take it from someone who has been their before. It's physically impossible for us to not be influenced by the music around us"-hana617

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just so you realize...there's 12 notes in all of music


and Coldplay typically only incorporates a few in each melody


coincidences are easy occurrences in music.


event the viva la vida ordeal...after the lawsuit other bands came forth and said they're songs sounded really similar to it as well...it's because it was a simple melody that's easy to come up with.

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For those sayin I'm deaf, and there is no similarity, I think you are the ones who are deaf. The notes are pretty much identical. If you don't know what part of the song I'm talkin about, you really should re-read the first post. I'm not talking about the main guitar riff btw. The thing is, these notes are not common notes, in fact I'd never heard any song use them b4 "Beautiful", neither did I hear any other song feature these same notes, or similar ones after "beautiful" did, up untill Major Minus, where I knew right off I'd heard them b4.

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