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A Hopeful Transmission Meaning


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Does this song sound like a ringtone to anybody else?


Seriously. I think that this is the point in the story line when the female protagonist, Mylo's ex-girlfriend, calls up his cell phone (or vice versa). The following track is the conversation they have over the phone, in which she tells him to let life go on as normal, even though they can't be together anymore..."Don't Let it Break Your Heart."



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Agreed, except I don't think DLIBYH is about moving on; it seems more like reconciliation:


"From my shipwreck I heard her call


'When you're tired of aiming your arrows,

Still you never hit the mark

Even if your aims are shadows

Still we're never going to part

Come on baby

Don't let it break your heart'"


Either way, seriously considering making my ringtone AHT after reading this thread! :p

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