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Anyone want some free mixing/mastering done?


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Send me your finished mp3, or all of your stems (each recorded instrument as separate files), and I will make it sound better or add any effects you want (such as tape saturation, vinyl scratchies, over a telephone line etc) using Propellerheads Reason 6 and Avid Pro Tools. :)


You can send me an audacity project as long as the recording files come with it.

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Hi Simon, absolutely. Especially with original songs it's best to have a high quality sound when sharing it around. :)


Mr Champion...I don't know if I ever knew your real name LOL...I can absolutely master your project. The audacity project will give me more flexibility but I'm more than happy to work with just an mp3. :)



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Actually, mastering an own mix == no go! It takes the whole sense of mastering away.

Always share your mix with others, discuss ALL of the critics, solve them.

Then the master progress will start.

So as the answer to approximately: a finished mix will probably already sound as you want it to be. However with the master you can bring up the dynamics, stereo field, overall limiting, overall reverb, overall EQ, extra warmth and after all, make it 'shine' for the ears.


Any demos splintercell?

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Stephan's exactly right.


The mixing stage is taking all the elements of the song - all the different recordings, and trying to make them play nice with each other. Panning them correctly, setting up the effects, EQ'ing them...basically, giving each instrument and each track a sweet spot to make the whole thing sound perfect as a whole.


Then, mastering is when someone takes the "perfect" whole and turns it into something "ideal". Meaning, wherever it is, and whoever hears it, it will still sound right. This is a fine science, and I'm certainly no master at it (no pun intended!). That's why I want practice. :)


Here's a score I wrote, mixed and - a week later - mastered using cheap orchestral samples, Shure SRH840's and Propellerhead's Reason 6. (And my Ultimate Ears. And my cheap speakers. And my friend's speakers. And my friend's car...etc...)

[ame=http://soundcloud.com/williamerasmus/not-another-day-theme]Not Another Day theme by William Erasmus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]

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