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How To Dissapear Completely


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haha..me neither, actually, i'm not a fan of Harry Potter either and i know they're supposed to be really great films but.. :confused: ...i'm more of a matrix person. Also..here a little fact for you people, the main castle thing, or supposedly big house (in the film) was filmed in my home town - Durham :) i went there with a couple of obsessed fans from my class :rolleyes: and got a signature from the white haired small kid...and i saw about 4 doubles for H.P. (not the sauce......... :lol: .......... :rolleyes: :cry: .... :wink3: ..... :snore: )

anyway...yes, there you go..., i had to tell the kid i that the autograph was for my younger sister (which i don't have), coz it was silly getting an autograph from a tiny kid. ;)

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I hope it doesn't mean that radi0ed is gonna dissapear completely...


Chriiiiiiiiis, come back!!! :P


nope im still here , im still here . what the hell am i doing here , i dont belong here .


what ever makes you HAPPY :lol:


HTTT :sneaky:

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