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names that are two names...

sweet marianne

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a lot of people who have a last name like that usually dropped their real last name and go by their first and middle name, which is mistaken for their actual last name. For instance, John Stewart goes by his first and middle name and leaves out his last name (Leiberwitz). Elton John's real name is Reginald something... I forget...

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woah. i thought that was made up too. :embarrased: sounds like it could be a character from some kids book


do people call you big bird?

didnt think so


i'm sooo sorry, but that's really cracking me up right now.



i think the only thing i've ever gotten made fun of was with my first name (Gaby- and they tried so hard to make fun of it so they called me Gumby)

whatever. didn't stick :dozey:

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