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Ozzy hurt in quad bike accident


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"...site reported Osbourne's claim that he was overprescribed a variety of powerful anti-psychotic and tranquilizing drugs by a Beverly Hills doctor. Osbourne said he developed a 42-pill per day habit that accounted for his odd behavior on the hit MTV show, including scenes in which Osbourne was seen mumbling, falling and appearing disoriented."


everything all makes sense to me now..

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Guest LiquidSky
An examination showed Osbourne broke his collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra in his neck.


ack! :stunned: poor fella.



ouch!!!!! :stunned: :o :stunned: :o

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Guest LiquidSky
when he hurt his leg the houston show i was suppose to go to was cancelled because of that :cry:


you were gonna see him :huh:

with my dad :P


father daughter bonding with ozzy, interesting :wink3:


I agree :wink3:

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