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Happy Christmas Coldplaying people!


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Thalia, have you sent this pic for the Christmas Greeting for Coldplay ? It would be a great contribution :wacky::awesome:

I did, I did! :dance:


Merry Christmas Thalia (and the rest of coldplaying)!


Man, these Chris things are hard to draw :confused:

Loving your elephant! :)


:lol: I'm loving those, MERRY CHRISTMAS Natalie! :santa2: They're so simply drawn, it's hard to copy them ^^ And thank you :kiss:


Merry Christmas to all Coldplayers from Cologne, Germany!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Your drawings (Twisted Mind's and zzz's) are amazing!


Happy Christmas, everyone! That was indeed a great year for Coldplayers!

Thank you, and have a great one! :thumbsup:

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