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Hey, Welcome :D


For your signature:

Go to your control panel (User Cp), then on the left there's a menu: go to edit options, then on the page you'll find Thread Display options (or something like that), and you check "show signatures" :smug:


Enjoy here :D

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Hi everyone! :)


I'm new here to your community, don't know why I didn't join sooner! My name's Michelle, and I'm from South Africa - proud home of the Paradise video :D




P.S I'm having some trouble getting my signature picture to show, can someone please tell me what to do?

Welcome Michelle! Ah, yes, the Paradise video - what a great place to film it!!

Cheers and Happy New Years to you!:sunny::flutterby::sunny:

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Thanks everyone for your warm welcome, and especially Coeurli for helping me with my signature pic!


You're welcome :nice: (... :lol: :rolleyes: )


Hello everyone dunno why I didn't join sooner either :embarrassed:

I must admit quite an honor to be from south africa, I am jealous :D


I'm sorry I can't remember if I've welcomed you in another thread, but I'll do it anyway : Welcome :D ( & better late than never :smug: )

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