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Oh My Goodness Enid's site is no longer!!


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Guest LiquidSky

^ that really sucks, enid, I also loved your site! :bigcry:








awwww enid, if you want to share files, you can share files with me :)

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sorry yous guys' date=' i had to shut it down. the labels are getting people for hosting mp3s...it really sucks. but i just want to say thanks for the support the last few months. cheers...thanx alot----enid[/quote']


it's such a shame because you put in a lot of work, but it didn't go unnoticed and we fully respected and appreciated you for it :)

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Well....I can definetely feel labels for not wanting people to host MP3s, but I think it's pretty fair to make them available since they don't release these songs in every country, so basically only fans in countries where singles are released are able to listen to the b.sides, and that sucks (at least for me, since in my countries we don't have singles released and buying them over the internet is really expensive)


- Antonio

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