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Former Federal Reserve Economist Comes Out As An Anarchist


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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZUNi-W_zHQ]Welcome to Free America by David Barker on Dylan Ratigan's show - YouTube[/ame]


I'm posting this as a topic because it's pretty rare to see a former employee of the State admit that the government itself isn't necessary...

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It's also pretty rare to see an atheist turn into a fundamentalist Muslim....


It's also pretty rare to see a pineapple turn into a watermelon....


What other things are pretty rare?




Giraffe to hippo transition is pretty rare.

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The government wasn't necessary... in 10,000 B.C. It was a wonderful time, there were a few million people on earth, settlements here and there, someone working with a charcoal fire to prepare a little metal, someone skinning a gazelle and readying the hide, someone cooking on an open fire - potherbs, roots, antelope bits. Life was good, unless you were hurt or got ill, and life was short, unless you were really lucky. Wonderful, but highly impractical today. What is possible is to amend and change our government so it works for us again, to write amendments to prevent the excesses of influence by a few over our government, and restore the checks and balanced necessary for a democratic government to function properly. Markets unregulated are the equivalent of bulls unregulated, charging down a crowded street full of vendors and ordinary citizens; too many people trampled and too much damage done. The worst of it being crony capitalism, which is the most destructive and most serious problem in the markets today; government isn't at fault, it can be pried back from those gambling-addicted actors and into the hands of the citizens.

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