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greetings from jakarta..


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hi all! i'm niken, but people call me nico, nick, or nicky. I'm female, 19.

university student, major in IT. like ALL about coldplay, reading ALL things, writing poems and short stories ( sounds a lil bit melancolic ? hehe.. )


hope I can be the part of this forum :)

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Wellkommen Niken! I'm sorry I apologize for the people who doesn't know where Jakarta is! That's a very important city, but ok you can accept that, no If you don't know where Indoneia is................ you need medical assistance! :P


Just have fun here! :D

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Sternly, where are you really from? I always read different things...


Anyway, Hi I'm Julia...have fun here! :D


My flag said New Zealand, but as I was not living there and well........ you know!, I decided to change it to my country's flag, which is Chile :rolleyes: :D :P

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i should ask léa i'm sure she's got an answer


Leá?????? :lol: I'm not from Toronto, me is from Santiago de Chile! (the country's capital) and you are right with me & the All Blacks' , the other.......... well, me is bored sometimes! and there is no city called Toronto here, but I think there is a London or another city with a very famous city (well, Lord Cochrane, an english sailor - Part of the British Navy - came here on 1880 If I'm not wrong, and the zone he "conquered" it's full with names of very-famous-english-cities, but those places are hardly known!)

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