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actually your all wrong

they had just finished doing spies and they went out for a smoke and chris looked at the sky, and he said it was the most beautiful thing because it was full of YELLOW stars.


i have the source somewhere ill post it when i find it



thinking better it`s wrong, because the main point of the music isn`t the yelllow stars....

the yellow stars was just an inspiration....

do you know what I mean??

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yeah..our plan is the best!!!!!!!!Carol we only need the "cativeiro" :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can it be my house?..i want Chris near me!!!!! :D


hmmm, how about we go to "costao do santinho" a huge resort in florianópolis and make the ´cativeiro´ in our suit master??



This resort rules ! I went to Floripa on New Year, but didn´t stay there.. too expensive :(

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