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Christmas Banned!

Corner Kid

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I just watched the news on how school systems are banning the use of the word “Christmas” in schools.


Not only are they not allowed to celebrate Christmas but they can’t even mention the word. Now how ridiculous is this. They also went on to say that schools are encouraging the use of Muslims and Jewish symbols and about there holidays like Hanukkah and Ramadan. But you cannot mention Christmas or have a nativity scene. They've even banned Santa, Christmas trees, and FUCKING FROSTY THE SNOWMAN! Thats descrimination, and goes against freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. I believe that religion should be expressed publicly if one feels so inclined, so discrimination against faith of any kind is absurd. This makes me feel like starting a revolution. I feel like running into public schools, throwing fliers everywhere, screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" hah... I dont know... I just know that I want to do something about this to mock how stupid these rules are.

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if you look at it this way, all the other holidays or whatever dont get their songs, decorations, all over the place. its christmas everywhere, christmas songs are played, christmas decorations are put up...what about kwanzaa songs or kwanzaa decorations or hanukkah songs or decorations. im not anti-christmas, just BOYCOTTING HOLIDAYS SUCK! around this time, they boycott all the other holidays except christmas and its kind of turned around there or whatever and yea...


so BOYCOTTING HOLIDAYS SUCK!...plus, america just sucks. its a huge melting pot where everyone is molded the same way...blaaaahhhh im so cornfused now. i think i will shut up.

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Yes, it happened here again today. In Pontiac today, an African American man was arrested (they did not say why but he most likely did something bad enough to be arrested because that's the way the whole city of Pontiac is) and tried to escape, the police used force and guess what happened? Protest, Protest, Protest, by African Americans. Give me a fucking break because if that was a white guy, you would have heard about it once and that was it.

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You obviously don't know us well enough then if you're going to assume shit you see on tv and have no clue about. We are not a racist nation, many people are but many blacks and whites are ok with each other and don't mind each other's company.


hmmm..well then. that just sucks.

eventhough protesting can me fun at times....that just sucks


It really does.

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those racist assholes!


stop racism!!


Me agrees! But at least you don't see there what you see in Chile & Brazil (i.e) that like 10% of the population receives like 50% of the "National Income" (as a salary) and besides they are a bit rasist............. but we do not give speaches everyday saying that we are "Freedom" and our country is......... :confused:

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