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Coldplay inspired song.

Forty Two

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I like it! Sounds professional and a bit like cruising a highway in Florida, if that's some concrete description, lol. Interesting voice, and great to be honest.


Now for some criticism... I hear in some parts that yes, it is Coldplay-inspired, which is good of course. This song tends to lean more to the pop-side though and is something I can imagine hearing on radio for a summer and then disappear.


Now, that criticism might seem hard, but it isn't :). I often feel bad giving criticism but it's easier to do even better if you know what to aim for.


It's just how I listen to music, a more original sound and so on. But enough with my thoughts that probably not that many people agree on. :)


Overall, great song I think! Keep on going!

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No similarities to coldplay, at all :wink:


a lovely song, I like it!

it would probably cheer some people up when it's on the radio :smiley:


ps: I don't like the whole self promoting thing, but, you've got to start somewhere.. :shrug:

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Thanks for the criticism! I appreciate it.


It's not similar to Coldplay, I just said that it was inspired by Coldplay. I wrote that song when Every Teardrop was out. The drums during the prechorus are very Teardrop-y if you ask me.


Nevertheless! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.


Strikie, I agree... Self promotion can be annoying, but if we didn't do it, then people wouldn't know about our music!

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My God, this is awesome! And yes, I know, some people say that to everything they come across on the internet, but I don't. This is the first time I've ever really liked an original song on the internet (then I mean original song, like not famous and stuff, of course)! The clock is 01:30 AM here in Norway, I have school tomorrow, and I can't sleep. The reason is, pretty much, this song that I constantly hear in my head.

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