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Best forum member EVER


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hmm now i think you are the fat dyke riding the motorbie with a shaved head. lesbian right wing hating the world and the slovakian. can probably bench press 5 of the bad mann and has a many sex toy....



why does he always so ho ho

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thats not rite u and a girls. punished in slovakia. colduser and his peepel live in the american mcdonald and can do wateva they want that is why the american is proud and a insane and is the bad mann. to be a non racist gives the rite to shit on the american ho ho.

I would love to share a sierra mist with this person.

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Bold is my additions


i like mum of pai. shes fun and hairy much like slovakian woman. ho ho hehla


I saw that girl Bonabon got given phone number by a guy. this forum is bad for letting peepel do that. he is probably old and eats other freinds
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ohh yu are verry cool old mann Riting on this when drunk. yu soo cool. how much tomato juice yu drinken? u probaply killing birds and catss now


This was in response to me, it still stings.


Haha Reilly how did you come across this person?


Searching for an old topic I made, although he only had 43 posts he kept popping up coincidentally in old threads I was randomly looking at.

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