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Playstation 4 'Orbis' rumours of late 2013 release date


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Playstation 4 'Orbis' rumours of late 2013 release date


Rumours about Sony's newest PlayStation console have been leaked online.


A US news site says they've spoken to a source who says that the PS4 will be called Orbis and will hit the shops in winter 2013. It's thought that the latest console will be able to work with Playstation's Vita - much like the tablet pad that's set to become part of Nintendo's Wii U.


Another rumour is that you won't be able to share the games with other consoles, or sell them second-hand. This is because new games will be 'locked' to one PlayStation account. You also won't be able to play PS3 games on it as it won't be "backwards-compatible".


Sony haven't confirmed anything, but the rumours have been picked up by the official PlayStation magazine too, which might suggest there's an element of truth about them.



via: BBC

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Ok, so...


  • Orbis is a kinda bad name - though this is the same company that named their handheld 'Vita'
  • Cool that it works with the Vita I guess, though that'll be standard now
  • People won't like games being console-locked (see: Spore)
  • Non-backwards-compatible will alienate quite a few potential customers if there's not a good initial line of games out there with the console on release date


If these rumours are true, Sony are shooting themselves in the foot.


However, I don't think they're true because the console is still a year away, changes would be made in that time. Even the Wii U is still changing a bit.

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This isn't what I wanted! Backwards compatibility makes sense! I have loads of PS3 games that I need to play yet! It seems like Sony are only interested in profit. I don't like the idea of locking games to an account either. I personally don't lend games or receive lent games. Neither do I buy second hand but it is unfair on those who do. It's shutting off a whole target group. :o:shocked2:

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All I ask is that they never, ever, ever release/think about releasing a controller as horrible as the original PS3 controller.


I see another two years maximum on the PS3. There are some great games coming up, and I would love to see it end on a high note. Let's just hope that the beginning on PS4's lifespan is significantly better than aroun 2006/7.

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