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Hello Coldplay Cosplayers!


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My name is Joe

this site is exactly what i have been looking for :)

I love to sing COldplay songs in my band and i can play a few songs on piano

Paradise and Charlie Brown are probably my favorite songs

I have only been listening to Coldplay for a few years so:dozey: i kind of missed their earlier phases.

I am seeking more knowledge on the older songs so taht i can understand all Coldplay!

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Hello and welcome here! And I must second samerater's post that you should definitely check out Live 2003. It is an awesome concert and I have seen it too many times to count and could watch it again right now! Also, I'd recommend checking out all of their b-sides...my personal favourite is Prospekt's March, though I'd say they are all great! Anyway, hope you enjoy it here on Coldplaying! :)

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