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Where are some places that I can go to sing alone without anyone hearing me?


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I searched in google and yahoo answers and they all say "dont be afraid!!!!!" and i just want to practice or play guitar really loudly by myself at the moment. I´m just a bit shy playing in my house with my family because they usually knock and tell me things so I just never have privacy.


I was thinking of doing it after school but there are still students there, any other places I can go?


I also didn´t know where I could put this thread so yeah ok

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I too share the same predicament.


My school has like a little hallway next to our preforming arts center and in that little hallway is a black Yamaha piano. I usually play it in the morning and any other chance I get since no-one goes down there. Usually once or twice the band teacher checks if it's me and then he just leaves.


Moral of the story: Find a dark ally-way at school and go their at lunsh...

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