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Framed Confetti from Coventry


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Guest howyousawtheworld

Reading the reviews from this show and I have to say I've never read such praise for the band.


"Produced one of the greatest live music shows in Coventry's proud history" said the Coventry Observer!


Neil McCormick (the guy the film Killing Bono was based around) from The Daily Telegraph gave

the show 5 stars


"The explosion of light and music on Charlie Brown is just amazing, maybe the most spectacular musical momemt I have ever witnessed. Coldplay have become one of those rare groups for whom bigger really does mean better."




Hell even the NME were in on the praise accompanied by their Facebook users and all.





It's no less than they deserve. In my opinion they surpassed U2 as the best live act around at last years Glastonbury and are only getting better it seems.

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Where does the confetti fall? only on the floor? or on the seats too? (assuming an arena show)


There was huge piles of it by the machines where it all came out after the show, i got some from there. I didnt see much in the seating area but thats how it was at the Ricoh, could be different elsewhere.

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