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Princess of China EP on iTunes UK


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I wish we had this version in the U.S. iTunes store.


Track Listing:

1. Princess of China (Radio Edit)

2. Princess of China (Invisible Men Remix)

3. Paradise (Tiësto Remix)

4. Princess of China (Acoustic)


Although the track listing is pretty good, I think that they should have added the instrumental version as well. They don't really need the Paradise Tiësto remix on a Princess of China EP! That really should have been on the Paradise EP/Single.


Anyways, here is the link. Leave your thoughts on this interesting EP.



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In my opinion, this is how it should have been:


Princess of China EP:

1. Princess of China (Radio Edit)

2. Princess of China (Acoustic)

3. Princess of China (with Chris singing Rihanna's part)

4. B-Side/Bonus Track

5. (Maybe) Princess of China (Instrumental)


The Tiesto remix of Paradise shouldn't be on Princess of China's EP. It should have been part of Paradise's single release on CD or something involving Paradise.

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