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Yamaha GT20-Grand Touch Piano


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I've got an Yamaha Gt20 Grand touch Piano but it doesn't sounds exactly like Chris' ones, but it's the same Piano!


There are Midi in and Midi out connections.


So is it possible to play the same sounds on my piano like Chris Martin uses them in clocks or Fix You??





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That piano is beautiful!

I would need two... so I could paint the hell out of one and make it look like chris's


Ditto :nod:


I'm actually sanding down my Up-Right and I asked my dad if I could paint it black :lol:


Wurlitzer 31" Spinit

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OMG after you paint it black what are you going to do?

I imagine unless you went professional it wouldnt look as smooth/shiny/amazing as the stock paint on the piano in OP, wouldnt it look kind of matte? if so, paint it like the MX piano!

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Yes, the sounds of the "Coldpliano" are everything but natural:

maybe they actually mixed the GT-20 with some piano VSTs, but I think they could have modified the actual piano sound too.

If you put the microphones in a certain way and you re-equalize the result, you can reach an unnaturally bright sound like the one of Lovers in Japan.


I think in the Coldplay songs they simply processed the piano, but someone else modifies the actual piano.

You all know the sound of a "tack piano", obtained by putting on the hammers tacks like these


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRPF2Ux21yk]the result...[/ame]


Since I can't find what keyboards/VSTs/racks Coldplay used and use now, these are only assumptions

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I Saw a video from Coldplay side stage, include instrument midi rigs. there was "Triton Rack" and "Muse Research Receptor". the technician (Miller / @Millerworld) also mentioned that the Fix You organ came from the "Triton Rack"

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