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Salutations from Molly!


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Yay! I'm so happy to have finally joined coldplaying! I'm not sure why I have waited so long....


I chose today to join I suppose because I'm in Roadie #42's blog today (7/15/2012)! I'm one of the girls in the coldplay dresses about halfway through the post. I'm the girl on the left (in roadie #42's picture! In my profile pic, I'm on the right)! I made both of the dresses, for myself and my best friend who has yet to join this lovely forum. It's not a great pic of my dress... I cut up the shirt I got in the Target package release of Mylo Xyloto and on one side of the dress is the running man and the other side just says "coldplay." :laugh3:


So it should be obvious that I love Coldplay and sewing!!! I sell other T-shirt creations on etsy, for those interested! (same username for etsy as used on coldplaying :lol:)


Anyways, I'm super excited to join you guys! Is there anything I should know about posting and such? (I've never been apart of any type of fan forum so this is all very new to me! Please excuse my unknowingness about it all works!)

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I'm looking for mylo xyloto confetti if you have any you're willing to part with!


well that's a tough request , because is only made for coldplay concerts , but always you can check in any personalized confetti makers (you can find them online or try yellow pages :D)


or come on guys any of you went on a concert and picked up coffeti during In My Place? jajaja ! ... i would do it :D

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