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Help me pick my next cast color


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The doctor is removing my current cast next Wednesday to see how things are healing, and will put another cast on afterward. For my current one I just chose black, but I'd like to be a little more adventurous for my next cast.


They have all sorts of colors. This is a sample, but they have a lot more. Thoughts? Poll included.



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you can get more colours other than off white? wat?!
Apparently they don't use plaster anymore. The doctor put a thin white cloth over the area, and those colored swatches in the picture above are actually fiberglass. It starts out as an ace bandage wrap, and then the doctor dipped the wrap in water and started feverishly wrapping it around the cloth. Once the area was covered he applied pressure which sped up a chemical reaction and made the fiberglass cloth become hard. It was funky because I could feel the warmth from the reaction and it sounded like Rice Krispies.


This isn't a picture of mine, but it looks just like this:




I'd be terrible and get black cause then i'd have an excuse for people who are bad at drawing not to draw on it :|
If somebody really wanted to, they could sneak in a crappy drawing with a silver marker.
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