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What's up from Philly!!!!


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Hey my fellow coldplaying family! I was on this site about 3 years ago, and I forget what my old name was, so I had to create a new name. Anyhow, my name is Stacey, and I am from the suburbs in Pennsylvania/Philadelphia (USA). I am 32 years young, and I am a single mother of a 10 year old beautiful daughter.


I saw CP here in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center on 7/5/12 and they threw such a spectacular show! It was indeed the best night of my life. I have been to about 4 CP concerts before and I can honestly say that this tour was MY FAVE! I had section 8 floor seats, and then was magically up front row mid show. Charm works! Must be the brown hair and blue eyes? I dont know.


Anyhow I hope everyone is well and healthy around the world and I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE DVD RELEASE!! SO STOKED ABOUT THAT!


I can not choose a favorite album because MX really messed up my order of fave albums. So its between Parachutes, ROBTTH, and MX.


Fave songs: Warning Sign, Proof, Shiver, Dont Panic, We Never Change, Glass Of Water, Lovers In Japan, Amsterdam, Death and All His Friends, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Hurts Like Heaven, In My Place, Us Against The World, See You Soon, Moses, The Scientist, 42. NOT IN A SPECIFIC ORDER. How can you have a fave or a few faves?


Oh and Im setting the record straight here, I AM THE BIGGEST CHRIS MARTIN FAN IN THE UNIVERSE! NO LIE! I shit you not! I am however, not a fan of his wife. She was quoted as saying her kids "Freebase Mario"? Come on, have some class! She is so over rated.


I would like to say(and commend all of you Coldplayers) is that Coldplay have the best fans! I really find it rather annoying when people hate on them. Especially men anymore. They're just jealous because they are all very good looking British men!

But I am always telling people to basically fuck off when they say ignorant things about my boys. They usually are uneducated and only have their opinion based on the song "Yellow" Unfortunately that is how they are known though through people who don't know any of their other work.


So What's up gang? Say hello!

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