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Guess the Coldplay song


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This is a simple but fun game, that sometimes can be almost to hard for some.

What you do is you post a picture that resembles the name or the meaning of a certain song, or just a part of the lyrics. Then it's up to everyone else to guess which song it is. The person who gets it right posts the next picture.


For example: I post a picture of something that is 100% yellow.

Since the song I am thinking of is Yellow, the first one to reply Yellow is next!


But I wont make it easy for you to start with :)



(i'm the guy on the left, you are the guy on the right) good luck!

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Violet hill? I don't have a picture right now though...


I'm on the top, and I can't get back... Square one again? :confused:


Major Minus? (because it's verry many minus *C up there ? :D )
yours is pretty clever, but no :lol:
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