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Jimmy Savile: Why did nobody stop him?


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Jimmy Savile: Why did nobody stop him?


The Jimmy Savile child sex abuse inquiry was expanding last night into a wider scandal enveloping the public sector as new witnesses came forward to claim that the late presenter molested children at hospitals with the apparent knowledge of staff.


An MP demanded an independent inquiry as fresh allegations about Savile raised questions for three hospitals, the BBC, the Crown Prosecution Service and the police about the extent of their knowledge of historic child sex abuse claims. The three hospitals – Stoke Mandeville, Leeds General Infirmary, and Broadmoor – all said that they had not received complaints about Savile until after the screening last week of the ITV documentary that interviewed victims.


Stoke Mandeville Hospital faced demands for an independent public inquiry following claims that staff encouraged child patients to pretend to be asleep before Savile made his ward rounds because of fears that he could molest them.


The Conservative MP Rob Wilson said he had received a raft of new allegations, including suggestions that hospital chaplains mentioned Savile's "scandalous" behaviour 25 years ago. Questions have been raised that management at several hospitals turned a blind eye to his activities because of his prolific fundraising efforts.


It emerged yesterday that Jimmy Savile and his charity fundraisers were given their own room at Stoke Mandeville Hospital until he died last year at the age of 84.


However, in a letter to the hospital, Mr Wilson said there were claims that management and nurses were aware of suspicions about his behaviour and "little meaningful action was taken to protect the extremely vulnerable children and young people at the hospital from such horrific behaviour. "We can now see evidence developing that not just the BBC is involved in this – we now have parts of the NHS, the Crown Prosecution Service and some are even suggesting the police have some questions to answer," Mr Wilson told BBC Radio 4.


He called for an independent inquiry at the hospital. "Who knew girls were being abused? When did they know? Who did they tell? Why wasn't it recorded? Did bosses fail to act because of concern over charity money that was coming in?"


In a statement, the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, said: "At this stage in the proceedings it would not be appropriate for us to conduct our own internal investigation. However we have been contacted by the police this week and are supporting them fully with their inquiries. If their findings suggest that we do need to take further action then we will do so."


Scotland Yard said earlier this week that its inquiry into Savile was on a "national scale" and it had recorded two allegations of rape and six of indecent assault with the number of victims expected to rise to around 30.


The allegations dated back to 1959 and information already received by the inquiry team working on Operation Yewtree suggested that he had a "predilection" for girls aged 13 to 16. Ten police forces have now received allegations of abuse.


Action could be taken against other celebrities, fixers or procurers of girls for Savile if they remain alive, but the indications are that he operated alone. Witnesses have made allegations of abuse against Gary Glitter inside Savile's dressing room. The comedian Freddie Starr has said he will fight allegations that he tried to molest a girl there when she was aged 14.


The scandal promises further embarrassment for the Corporation after one of the ITV documentary makers said at the weekend that a BBC soap star had also been named during the making of the programme.


The BBC has announced that it will hold its own independent inquiry after the police investigation is concluded with a report expected by the end of next month.


A Newsnight team discovered 10 alleged victims of Savile but the project was shelved for "editorial reasons" according to the Corporation.


Savile was interviewed by police in 2007 over allegations of abuse at a now-closed Surrey school and a file was passed to the CPS but no charges were laid against him. It also emerged that Savile's name was mentioned during an inquiry into abuse at the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey, but he was never questioned.


Scenes of abuse? Claims against Savile


Stoke Mandeville


Savile had a flat at the hospital for which he raised more than £40m. Claims emerged yesterday that he molested patients despite the hospital authorities saying they had not previously received any reports of abuse. Nurses are reported to have told children to pretend to be asleep when he toured the wards. Caroline Moore claimed she was assaulted by Savile when she was 13 while she was being treated for spinal injuries. "I was outside a ward or a gym and he came out and just rammed his tongue down my throat," Mrs Moore told BBC Radio Scotland.


The hospital confirmed yesterday that Savile was given a room at the hospital until his death last year.




A woman claimed she saw Savile and the convicted paedophile Gary Glitter both sexually abuse under-age girls in his dressing room at BBC Television Centre. Karin Ward, who spoke to an ITV documentary team, first gave her account to BBC Newsnight but the feature was pulled for "editorial reasons". Lord Patten, chairman of the BBC Trust, promised an independent inquiry.


Leeds General Infirmary


Savile had a lifelong association with the hospital where he was a volunteer fund-raiser and worked as a porter. The hospital said it had received two complaints since the allegations first came to light. June Thornton, a patient in 1972, said she saw Savile abuse someone she thought was a brain-damaged girl. "He started rubbing his hands down her arms and then? he molested her. He helped himself. She just sat there and couldn't do anything about it," she told ITV News.




Savile was accused of assaulting young patients inside his mobile home in the grounds of Broadmoor Hospital where he worked as a volunteer. A former patient told The Sun that Savile groped her while she was watching television with other girls in the late 1960s. The woman, Alison Pink, now known as Steven after a sex-change operation, told the newspaper: "We were all big fans of Top Of The Pops... When you were told to clean Jimmy's caravan you knew you didn't need to take a dustpan and brush."


A spokesman for West London Mental Health NHS Trust, which has run the hospital since 2001, said: "There has never been any complaint to management in the last 11 years."


Duncroft Approved School, Staines


Savile was questioned by police in 2007 over allegations of child abuse in the 1970s at the now-closed school for girls. A file was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service which advised there was insufficient evidence to take any further action.


Haut de la Garenne children's home, Jersey


The police officer at the head of the Jersey child abuse allegation said he suspected Savile was involved in the abuse scandal there, but there were no allegations made against him. A handful of residents have now made allegations against Savile.



Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/uk/jimmy-savile-why-did-nobody-stop-him-16223317.html#ixzz294CJTKDe

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I'm not a troll, to you at least. If you write stupid whiney complaints about things nobody thinks about and someone tells you the reality of how baffling you are, that's not trolling, that's the truth, and I think that would be your main problem with me. I never wrote anything to get a reaction or even a reply out of you, I always just wanted to make you aware of how fucked your opinions look to the rest of the world.


There isn't much point in ignoring me if you're going to unblock me every time I reply directly after you, as it's likely the rest of the time it has nothing to do with you anyway. And you, more then anyone else on this forum I can think of, are most likely to be the type to do something so sad, all the while proudly reminding us how you've blocked me.


Anywho, I got the reference about sending the boys round, Louis Theroux's documentary on Saville partly delved into his violent past, it's got more to do with then just being a bouncer. Not all bouncers strap people up and beat the shit out of them.

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I'm not a troll to you either, why the fuck does nobody understand trolling?


I'm very rarely a troll, the only time would be in the Coldplay section for example when I bumped every thread about Coldplay taking drugs or speculating about them taking drugs that has ever been created. That's what trolling is, it's not random abuse, or disagreeing with people, or letting them know how much of a fucking pointless douchebag they undeniably are (That's you Daryl).

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^Precisely, I even think the media do it. They report 'internet trolls' or 'trolling' when it's just blatant abuse or slander, mainly about issues such as dead family members etc. I think bringing the word 'trolling' into it makes these fuzzy issues, if people said the exact same things in real life they would be treated much more seriously.

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Glitter was taken away from his home in central London on Sunday morning


Jimmy Savile: Former pop star Gary Glitter arrested by police


Former pop star Gary Glitter has been arrested on suspicion of sex offences by police investigating Jimmy Savile abuse claims.


Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, has previously been jailed in Vietnam for child sex offences.


He has been taken from his home into custody at a London police station.


Police are investigating allegations that the late TV presenter Savile sexually abused some 300 young people over a 40-year period.


Met Police confirmed that officers from Operation Yewtree had "arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation".


Scotland Yard has said it is following about 400 lines of inquiry as part of the operation - which is looking into claims Savile, who died last year aged 84, abused hundreds of young girls and some boys.


Police described former BBC DJ Savile as a "predatory sex offender".



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Freddie Starr arrested in Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry


Entertainer Freddie Starr has been arrested in the police inquiry into sex abuse claims against Jimmy Savile.


Mr Starr was arrested in Warwickshire by Operation Yewtree officers on suspicion of sexual offences and bailed after a number of hours of questioning.


He has denied claims he groped a girl of 14 while in a room with Savile.


Meanwhile, an independent review into BBC Newsnight's dropping of a programme about the allegations against Savile will report later this month.


Operation Yewtree is a Scotland Yard criminal inquiry into sexual abuse claims.


The Metropolitan Police said officers arrested a man in his 60s, from Warwickshire, at 17:45 GMT in connection with the investigation.


Police said the individual fell under the strand of the investigation termed "Savile and others".


Mr Starr was released on bail between 01:00 and 01:30 GMT on Friday. Scotland Yard has not said when he was bailed until.


On Sunday, ex-pop star Gary Glitter was arrested and bailed after being questioned as part of the inquiry.


Glitter, 68, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was arrested at home and questioned at a London police station before being released on bail until mid-December.



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Guest howyousawtheworld

It's got to the point where anything that comes out of this story is not surprising anymore. It's that bad. I hope the victims can sue his estate from everything.

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Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LsY8bCF71I]Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences - YouTube[/ame]


Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences


The former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been bailed following his arrest on suspicion of sexual offences.


The 67-year-old was detained at his home in Buckinghamshire on Thursday by detectives from a Scotland Yard unit set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.


Police say the allegations don't relate directly to Savile, as Luisa Baldini reports.



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Max Clifford is being questioned at a central London police station


Max Clifford arrested in sex offences investigation


Leading public relations expert Max Clifford has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences.


He was arrested by Met Police officers at 07:40 GMT at his home in Surrey.


Officers from Operation Yewtree - set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal - made the arrest but it is not connected to the allegations made against the late BBC presenter.


A solicitor acting for Mr Clifford said he was being interviewed by police and would assist them "as best he can".


Max Clifford is one of the most influential figures in the British media.


He is the sixth person to be questioned as part of Operation Yewtree, the Met's investigation into allegations, some dating back decades, that have arisen since the late Jimmy Savile was accused of abuse.


The operation has three strands.


One is looking specifically at the actions of Jimmy Savile and the second strand concerns allegations against "Savile and others". The separate third strand relates to alleged complaints against other people unconnected to the Jimmy Savile investigations.


Scotland Yard said the man they took to a central London police station on Thursday morning was being investigated under the last strand of Yewtree's investigations.


Five people have now been arrested and a sixth questioned under Yewtree.


The four other people arrested are Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter, Wilfred De'Ath, a retired BBC producer, and radio broadcaster Dave Lee Travis. Police have also questioned under caution a man in his 80s.


Charlotte Harris, of lawyers Mishcon de Reya, said: "Max Clifford is being interviewed by police. Mr Clifford will assist the police as best he can with their inquiries. When we are in a position to provide further information, we will."



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Mr Hall has been bailed to appear before Preston magistrates in January


Stuart Hall charged with indecent assaults


Broadcaster Stuart Hall has been charged with three counts of indecent assault.


The 82-year-old from Wilmslow in Cheshire has been charged following complaints to police about alleged incidents involving three girls aged between nine and 16.


Lancashire Police said the offences were alleged to have been committed between 1974 and 1984.


Mr Hall has been bailed to appear before Preston magistrates in January.


In a broadcasting career spanning five decades, he is perhaps best known for his distinctive style of football reporting on BBC Radio 5 live.


Mr Hall was appointed OBE in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to broadcasting and charity.


A BBC spokesman said: "In light of the very serious nature of these charges Stuart Hall will not be working at the BBC while the police continue with their inquiries."



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CBeebies apologises for Tweenies Jimmy Savile spoof


CBeebies has apologised after a character from the children's TV programme The Tweenies appeared dressed as disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile.


The episode, which was filmed in 2001, was shown on the BBC before 0900 GMT.


In the scene, the character Max appeared in a blonde wig, wearing Savile's trademark tracksuits and using his accent and catchphrases.


Police say DJ and presenter Savile sexually abused hundreds of people during 60 years in entertainment.


The BBC said: "This morning CBeebies broadcast a repeat of an episode of the Tweenies, originally made in 2001, featuring a character dressed as a DJ impersonating Jimmy Savile. This programme will not be repeated and we are very sorry for any offence caused."


The episode, featured the character Max presenting a Top Of The Pops-style programme. He was wearing a wig and used Savile's familiar catchphrase: "Now then, guys and gals."


The gaffe was picked up by fans on social networking sites such as Twitter.


Glenn Ebrey tweeted: "Dear CBeebies, I'm not sure this was a good choice of DJ to impersonate on The Tweenies today."


Kenny Senior wrote "Are BBC trying to self destruct? Max from Tweenies dressed as Jimmy Savile just now nearly chokes on my cornflakes."


A recent Metropolitan police report into allegations of sexual abuse against Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, concluded the presenter and DJ was a "prolific, predatory sex offender" who abused more than 200 people over a 60-year period.


The Tweenies, which was a co-production between Tell-Tale Productions and the BBC was cancelled in 2003 but episodes have been repeated regularly since then.


Episodes mixed stories, song and creative activities aimed at helping children to learn through play.



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Max Clifford: "The allegations are completely false"


Max Clifford: PR guru vows to clear name after charges


PR guru Max Clifford has vowed to clear his name in court after being charged with 11 indecent assaults allegedly committed between 1966 and 1985.


The alleged offences relate to seven different women and girls ranging in age from 14 to 19. Mr Clifford, 70, from Hersham, Surrey says the claims are "completely false".


He was arrested in December under Operation Yewtree - set up following allegations about Jimmy Savile - but his arrest was unrelated to Savile.


Mr Clifford will appear in court next month. Operation Yewtree has three strands. One concerns Savile's crimes exclusively, while another relates to allegations against Savile and others.


The third strand, under which Mr Clifford was arrested, concentrates on accusations unconnected to the Savile investigations but which emerged as a result of the publicity surrounding Savile.


Mr Clifford was not charged over three further allegations as there was "insufficient evidence to authorise charges", the Crown Prosecution Service said. Mr Clifford denied the allegations against him.


He said: "The allegations in respect of which I have been charged are completely false and I have made this clear to the police during many, many hours of interviews. Nevertheless a decision has been taken to charge me with 11 offences involving seven women, the most recent of which is 28 years ago and the oldest 47 years ago. I have never indecently assaulted anyone in my life and this will become clear during the course of the proceedings."


Mr Clifford, who was first arrested on 6 December 2012, described the situation as "living a 24/7 nightmare". Later speaking to Sky News, he added that since the charges had emerged he had received hundreds of calls from people wishing to express their support for himself and his family. "This has made it so much easier to cope with," he said.


Scotland Yard said he was charged after answering bail at a London police station following advice from the CPS. Mr Clifford was later released on bail and is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on 28 May.



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Broadcaster Stuart Hall admits indecent assaults


BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted 14 charges of indecently assaulting girls including one aged nine.


The 83-year-old of Wilmslow, Cheshire, pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to the offences, involving 13 victims, which occurred between 1967 and 1985. Three charges of indecent assault and one of rape will lie on the court file. is lawyer said Hall apologised to his victims and added: "He is all too aware that his disgrace is complete."


He has been bailed until sentencing on 17 June. A BBC spokesperson said: "The BBC is appalled by the disgraceful actions of Stuart Hall and we would like to express our sympathy to his victims. We will continue to work with the police to assist them in this and any other inquiries they are making."


Leaving court Hall, who previously had described the allegations as "pernicious and spurious", was pressed by reporters for an apology but said: "I've got a very heavy cold. I have no comment to make at all."


Hall admitted the offences last month but they could not be revealed due to reporting restrictions. The court heard that one of his victims, aged 17, was assaulted on the same day It's A Knockout was recorded in Ely, Cambridgeshire in 1973. Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West, Nazir Afzal, described Hall as an "opportunistic predator".


He added: "We prosecuted Stuart Hall because the evidence of the victims clearly established a pattern of behaviour that was unlawful and for which no innocent explanation could be offered. "His victims did not know each other and almost two decades separated the first and last assaults but almost all of the victims, including one who was only nine at the time of the assault, provided strikingly similar accounts.


"Whether in public or private, Hall would first approach under friendly pretences and then bide his time until the victim was isolated. "I would like to thank the victims for having had the bravery to come forward. This case clearly shows that the victims of abuse will not be denied justice by the passage of time and abusers will be held to account."


Mr Afzal said the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would not be proceeding with the rape charge as the woman who made the allegation no longer wished to give evidence in light of the guilty pleas.


Det Chief Insp Neil Esseen, of Lancashire Constabulary's major investigation team, paid tribute to Hall's victims for their bravery. He said: "The admissions of Mr Hall will at least spare his victims the ordeal of having to recount their abuse at a trial.


"They have lived with what happened for a long period of time and it cannot have been easy for them to come forward, especially as when they did so, they did not know there were others who had also suffered abuse."


The court heard in the 1980s Hall molested a nine-year-old girl by putting his hand up her clothing. He also kissed a 13-year-old girl on the lips after he said to her: "People need to show thanks in other ways."


On another occasion in the 1970s he fondled the breast of a girl aged 16 or 17, the court was told. Hall was initially arrested in December and made a statement labelling the claims "pernicious, callous, cruel and above all spurious".


He has been a familiar face and voice in British broadcasting for half a century, and was awarded an OBE in the 2012 New Year Honours. The former It's A Knockout presenter was working as a football commentator on BBC Radio 5 Live and wrote a weekly sport column for the Radio Times magazine until his arrest.



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