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Could you do me a favor?


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Could you do me a favor?

I need you people to vote for me on this contest :rolleyes:

Now, you'd ask "why would I vote for you?", right? Ok, the reason my website is on the top 10 right now on that contest, is because the current layout features coldplay(check it out @ http://www.tra-lala.net ), and whenever I update it, I'm listening to coldplay, which deffinetly inspires me! And we are all coldplay fans, right? Ok! Now vote for me....

The website is in portugues, no prob, i'll tell you how to vote for me

-> go to http://top3.olhar-43.net ans scroll down until:


the first website they have linked is mine. Now click on "Clique aqui para votar em seu blog preferido" in the yellow text bubble on the right.

In the windows that pops up, select blog nº 1 and "votar"


Thank you so very much!!!! I'd really appreciate if you'd do that for me, thank you again!

and merry chrismas :D



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hurry up and vote people! We're getting beaten!


FINAL TOP3 BLOGS - Qual blog merece vencer o Top3 Blogs Nov/Dez 2003?


Blog ID 288 (http://www.tra-lala.net)



9,84% (6 votos) <-- C'mon we can do better than that!

Blog ID 208 (http://www.bifito.kit.net)



57,38% (35 votos)

Blog ID 204 (http://kelly.designs-art.com)



6,56% (4 votos)

Blog ID 138 (http://singled-out.net)



9,84% (6 votos)

Blog ID 300 (http://www.tufoleta.kit.net)



(nenhum voto)

Blog ID 91 (http://sam.gloomy-moon.com)



(nenhum voto)

Blog ID 156 (http://tarto.blogger.com.br)



1,64% (1 voto)

Blog ID 220 (http://mary.pink-fairy.net)



4,92% (3 votos)

Blog ID 189 (http://www.lathina.blogger.com.br)



8,20% (5 votos)

Blog ID 166 (http://dido.wizard-wheezes.com)



1,64% (1 voto)

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