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Guess coldplay song


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No to ALIENS, but X&Y is an interesting idea if you don't think of the song...


does Voodoo count?

I think in this thread it's usually regular Coldplay songs (including B-sides and unreleased/obscure songs) but not Chris collaborations or Los Unidades songs unless someone specifies so.

By the way, welcome to the forum ! :)

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By the way, and that applies to all of you here - if you give me your reasoning, i might be able to give more specific hints and push you in the right direction.

Speed of sound? You've mentioned before that it may be a song from X&Y and it has something to do with physics, speed, etc.


My guess Swallowed in the Sea was because of you first hint which had something to do with erosion. And sand on the beach gets constantly erosed/swallowed in the sea. So that was why I thought it was that

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I'm sorry, this is entirely my fault. I'd like to shelve this riddle for now, maybe it can be revisited later. Here is a new and easy one that I hope will be solved quickly:


Look at the name of that LP, substitute its first letter and cut off after four. You will get to a Coldplay song that is on that very LP.

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