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New member getting the ropes and help


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Hey everyone. I'm a new member learning the ropes (not familiar with forums that much) Reason I joined was because I couldn't seem to find any coldplayers here in California and felt like a complete loner. Anywho, hope I can get the hang of things around here and if anyone has advice or something they'd like to share with me, feel free.


About me: I'm from California, I have begun singing, and I love coldplay (obvious)


Favorite Coldplay songs: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, MX/ Hurts Like Heaven, Us Against the World, Yellow, Fix You, and Viva La Vida


Favorite album: Mylo Xyloto


Just on a side note: I'm recreating a replica of Chris Martins latest jacket If you know where I can obtain some accessories and the jacket itself, that would be much appreciated. See you around, Coldplayers

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Hello and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! It's the best forum ever:).

Good luck with making your Chris jacket, that's awesome! There's a thread where you can buy all the patches, HERE is the link :) .

You came to the best place to find Coldplayers :lol:, I'm from England :p but there are many from California I am sure :).

My favourite song is Yellow :D

Welcome and have fun :D


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