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I am back


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On the day of my concert june 29th i showed up at my concert 5 hours early and waited around i got to see the band exit the car and i was like oh well i wont meet them :/ then after the concert i stayed like 2 hours later and then out of nowhere chris came out and started doing autographs! and gwyneth was waiting in the car lol!


but when i saw him i started crying i told him that i loved him and he said i love you too then he signed my shirt and it is hanging above my bed


we werent able to take pictures with him but someone took a pic of me in the background that has now been my fb profile picture since the concert! it was an amazing experience and easily the best day of my life lol :D


but i have to go to class now ill be back on in 2 hours :) see ya! and ill post the picture here later!

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