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Food from another culture that has some importance to that culture?

Matter-Eater Lad

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For my anthropology class I have to make some kind of food from another culture that has meaning to that culture and talk about the food and the culture. I live almost 2 hours from school so it'll have to be something that doesn't need to be refrigerated or heated up. Any suggestions? Oh and something kinda easy to make. Thanks.

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For Frenchies bring one of those croissants and Nutella, I don't know how traditional the Nutella is but just pretend.


I have to say Nick this does sound pretty silly and pointless, I had similar projects to do when I was a child. But whatever, alternative methods and that...

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Haha Ian.


Coeurli-Like what? It has to have some cultural meaning behind it. And has to be able to be stored without refrigeration and reheating.

We have so many good stuff but right now i can't think of anything that would suit your assignment :disappointed: (because of the storage issue and that it has to be simple)


Macarons are like the most delicious thing in the world but i think they're a bit long to make.

Oh, silly me!!!!!!! You should make crepes!!!!! :cheesy: The best crepes in the world are from Brittany (Bretagne), the region I'm from. No need to refrigerate them, but don't wait too long before showing them off ~

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