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Coldplay convention


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So I'm on The Who's forum and I saw that there has been (and will be a) Who conventions, it made me wonder has there ever been any Coldplay conventions?

I understand The Who have been around a lot longer and may have more reason to have a convention but...


At a Coldplay convention it would give fans a chance to meet other fans, possibly make some new friends, people could sell any Coldplay merch/memorbilla they don't want (money could go to a charity but that's up to the seller), who ever is in charge could get a Coldplay tribute band to perform, stuff like that?


So has there ever been one? Will there ever be one?

Why do you guys think? :)

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I think it'd be fantastic to do it in London, seeing as the bakery and beehive are there, I'd love to go to one, but I think it would quite a bit of organisation and money :/

I think it could be best to do it near the time of a show (next tour) so there would be a convention and show to see, the convention could also have tribute bands :D

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London would be cool indeed, but if we would all go to the bakery/beehive, I think coldplay would not be that happy with that :p


Would also be a bummer for the people in America and Australia :\


And Canada!


I would go to London but we could do smaller ones by country or region.

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